As Bright as the Sun

” He sendeth sun, he sendeth shower, 
Alike they’re needful for the flower: 
And joys and tears alike are sent 
To give the soul fit nourishment ”
~ Sarah Fuller Flowers Adams

For many long days and night, the night has reigned over us. We have plead, we have mourned, we have begged for the light to return. We’ve closed our eyes in the dark and when they’ve re-opened, the dark still lies there. It seemed that the night should never end, for times was almost meaningless…until it ended. The sun is back, as bright and warm as before, heating our chilled bodies and souls and filling us with the light of happiness and joy. The sun came back on the morn as if it had merely taken a vacation from us.

I am glad that it came back today, for a garden party is no fun in the dark, or I would assume that it wouldn’t be, given that this was the first that I had ever been to. It was Astrid’s party and as a friend, and a current roommate, it was necessary for me to be there and support her, which I will do again, no matter how much discomfort I felt with that many people being around. To celebrate her and the sun being back, I suppose Mala decided that I should wear the only short dress I have in my closet, a gift from my mother to break me free of my shell. I had never worn it before, but Mala kept trying to bite my ankles each time I attempted to change, so I wore it and a beautiful flower tucked into my hair, fresh plucked from Astrid’s garden.

The location of the party was easy enough to find, all I needed to listen for was the sound of excited voices chattering away, and the smell of delicious fresh cooked food. Mala led the way in his usual fashion, pawing at the door until Astrid let us both in and led me towards the scrumptious smelling food, introducing me. Dr. Vanderhoven’s daughter was there, and I admit to being fond of the little girl, for she has suffered like I have, and her father has treated me kindly, acknowledging my phobias and doing his best to aid me without causing me to panic. My meetings with him will have to be for another post, maybe. Sweet Ami made me a plate of food and I heard familiar voices of people that i knew so I skirted the edge of the building, trying to not bump into anyone…and of course ran smack dab into someone, causing both of our food to go flying. I was so embarrassed but she was kind and eventually I got settled in at the table with Teri and Krys, chatting with them until it all became too much for me and I excused myself home.

I think everyone had cause to celebrate this evening, for the sun was gloriously home where it belonged and we will not under appreciate it again for a long while. It’s one of those things that you just know. The sun rises, the sun falls, children are born, people pass on. It’s one of those facts of life that no one spends a second thinking about. It’s as instinctual a knowledge as the one that allows us to breath. For one who’s lived in darkness for so long, I can’t fully appreciate the beauty of the sun, but as with the sound of rain, the heat that it dances across my skin as I sit here on the porch, just reminds me of home, though home is subjective..but ahh I’ve rambled too much, I’ll have to talk about home another day. Take time out of your day sweet reader and go sit outside, allow the sun to caress you and the wind to blow through your hair and just appreciate being alive.


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