Gentle Giant

“The Mountains — grow unnoticed —
Their Purple figures rise
Without attempt — Exhaustion —
Assistance — or Applause –”
~Emily Dickinson

I’m fond of saying that everyone has a story to tell, even those who have no voices to tell their stories. Just because they don’t speak, doesn’t mean that they don’t have something to teach you, to tell you. I have found that true on more than one occasion, but usually it’s not a literal inability to speak. Usually it’s just someone who’s either too timid to speak up and share their part of this tale, or someone who’s been taught that their voice is not important enough for the telling.


I mentioned in another post a friend of mine. A very true friend of mine I will clarify. That old saying about books and never knowing their content until you read them? That saying epitomizes Marcus. I suppose that I’m relatively short, but I typically am at least tall enough to reach people’s chests and if I wrap my arms around them, I can usually hug them. Not so with Marcus. Marcus towers above me, towers in a way that on anyone other than him, I’d be terrified. He’s silent, he move silently, much too gently for a man of his size, but his hands when they reach out to help me balance or show me the way around something are gentle. He knows the strength in himself, he knows that if he actually put the effort into it, he could seriously harm me without a second’s thought. But he won’t. I know that there is a darkness in people, and even he has some of that darkness but at his entire core, he is kind.


He is the kindest person you will ever have the honor of meeting, yet no one wants to learn that for themselves. They judge him based on his looks; that huge broad height, the long hair, and the scar running down his face, all judged and found wanting by the eyes of man. It is pitiful and revolting to me that they must depend on those eyes that they cherish so much and ignore the fact that the one who will risk his body and life for you is the one that you turn your back on. That is unforgivable in my eyes.


He watches over my store, watches over me, watches over my cat, all without me ever asking him to. All because he found something worth protecting in me, the blind fortuneteller that has ran into him a few times, hit him in the shin with my cane, had her cat climbing all up and over him…all of those he bears with a mile on his face. When the time came for me to bless my new batch of gemstones that came in, I laid a few aside just for him because I knew that he’ll protect everyone but himself…and he needs a protector as well. Someone to actually stand up and speak for him, telling the world who this man is at his heart. Ignore the way he looks, ignore the fact that he doesn’t speak, pay attention to his actions. TO what little things he does to try and make your day better…give him a chance to prove his worth to you, instead of judging him by your eyes alone.

Marcus, this bit is for you. Keep being you, no matter how time wears you away. You are the mountain that stands strong in front of all adversity. The tree that gives and loves people regardless of their sins. You are the wall that keeps me afloat and you are, most important of all…my friend.

“The mountains they are silent folk, they stand afar-alone; And the clouds that kiss their brows at night hear neither sigh or groan. Each bears him in his ordered place as soldiers do, and bold and high, They fold their forests round their feet and bolster up the sky”


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