Something New

“There is a time for some things,
And a time for all things;
A time for great things
And a time for small things”

There are times I think that I was much too sheltered as a child, sequestered from the others because of my differences. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being home with my parents, they were two beautiful and generous souls who cherished me with all they had. But I find things difficult that a woman of 24 shouldn’t. Things that most of my peers grew up experiencing. By the time one is in their teens, it’s typical to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, that’s just the way things go it seems. Young love and exploration go hand in hand when one is in the blossoms of their youth. First kisses and first touch. The stirrings of lust and desire. I always stood on the outside and never knew what I was missing, until recently.

It’s hard to predict, in anyone’s life, how things are going to go. No matter how much you plan, and how much you hope and dream, life runs the course that it wants. On one chilly and wet evening, my life started to change. I took a step outside, planning on getting some lunch at the Cafe when Mala decided that it was time for a game. Off we went, me chasing after him with no idea of where we were going until I went tumbling down into the snow, the wet cold mush having started to melt as Spring arrived. I sat there dazed for a few moments before a masculine voice reached me asking if I was alright. Now I’m used to falling down, but there’s typically no one around to see me make an idiot of myself…and not only was there one just a few feet away, my cat had deliberately led me into his yard and stood there amused at my misfortune.

I believe I have mentioned before that I think Mala knows who or what I need in my life before I have an inkling of it myself. The man who’s yard I sat in was named Sebastion Muircastle, brother of Astrid whom I had met a few days prior. I walk with a cane when I’m outside and after he helped me to my feet, said cane slipped on the ice, again causing me to go falling, though I didn’t hit the ground this time, instead hitting the warm solid chest of the man in front of me. I don’t particularly like to be touched, I guess you can say it’s a phobia of mine, but there was nothing else left to do other than let him help me to the house, scooping me up like I was helpless and carrying me with ease. In that moment I think I would have grown to like him, for he was so gentle in helping me…until he opened his mouth and called me a Lawn Gnome.

I’m pretty even tempered but Bastion has a way of getting my hackles up and we bicker and fight almost as much as we sit in silence and just touch, the only person I don’t mind touching. He brought me into the house, got me a change of clothes and than called the police because he thought it would make me feel more secure to have someone know where I was in case he was as he put it “an ax-murderer”. I do believe I threatened to hit him in the groin if I thought he was improper and he laughed at that.

As far as first meetings go, I guess it was the weirdest one I’ve had so far, but its’ also one of my favorite memories. I am the Lawn Gnome and he is Sir Grouch. He danced with me, even though I’m much too short for him, he still gave me my first dance, walked me home on the nights I’ve wandered to his and Astrid’s for some company, held me through the night chastely because of the nightmares…and when the fear drove me from my shop, found me on his front doorstep, picked me up and brought me in, keeping me safe. I’m not ready for love, not ready for a boyfriend, but life has decided that I need this man, and you know what…I don’t think I’m gong to argue. Do I know where the road may go? No, I’ve no honest clue and I’m not going to look for one either. I’m going to see it where it leads and continue going for as much as I need him, I think the same is true. I started this blog to record the experiences an the stories of Cranberry Cove, but I also forget that these stories are also mine as well and I have to tell it just as much as I need to tell the others. This is Bastion and I’s tale and it’s still being written.

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